Music is magical. It can be a release of tension, change our metabolic rates, change our moods, affect our emotions, reduce anxiety, distract us from pain, and act as a great motivator to move! Combining music with working out is an absolute game-changer because it can bring a person out of a lethargic state, pulling them straight into the groove of an exercise routine.

According to fitness reports, incorporating music with workouts can help people move, run and cycle faster and more easily. It helps with arthritic pain, balance, strength, and in general, just makes us feel better.

There are many choices of good music for personal workouts for all ages:

Cardio Music

Sometimes your body needs something fast and upbeat to keep up with. This modern playlist is great for being in the gym, or doing a hard cardio workout at home!

Throwback Music

80’s throwbacks are another great way to get your body moving for an upbeat cardio workout, and since you’re likely to know all of the lyrics, you may even forget that you’re working out for a moment.

Clean Workout Music

For those who want something just as upbeat, but a little bit cleaner and melodic.

Yoga Music

For the yogis (and aspiring yogis)! This is a playlist of music made to keep pace with slower movements while motivating you to lean into stretches and center yourself.

Running Music

Music to keep pace with you on the move. The transitions will keep you motivated all along your route, no matter the distance.

Stretching Music

These sounds help you wind down from a tough exercise, while allowing you to take a well-deserved stretch.

Working out regularly can improve muscle strength, improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues, and help the cardiovascular system become more efficient. Listen to one of these playlists during your next fitness routine—the results can be magical!

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