What Is CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere these days, in sprays, lotions, essential oils, and more. But what is CBD oil and what is it about this revolutionary compound that is making it an important part of both wellness practices and the medical establishment?

First of all, taking CBD is not about getting high!  

THC is the chemical component in marijuana that produces the feeling of intoxication.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive extract from marijuana with medicinal benefits as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antiemetic, anxiolytic, and antipsychotic agent. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural substance that can be used to remedy a wide range of symptoms. Though its legal status depends on the location, form, and purpose, CBD is growing in popularity due to its effectiveness and plant-based origin. It comes in a wide variety of forms, including oil, gummies, coffee, baked goods, facial tonics, creams, vapes, and other tinctures or edibles.

Confused about the differences between THC and CBD? What is CBD oil? This video from Seeker breaks it down:

“CBD doesn’t possess any of the mind-altering, mood-changing properties that THC does. Many recreational users want the high, but people who have cancer don’t. Many people want to get the benefits of medical marijuana, but also want to be able to go about their day and not be locked on the couch.”


What is CBD Good For?

Many people treat anxiety with CBD, or take it as a sleep aid. For others it’s incorporated into a regimen of supplements for the various positive benefits it can provide.

Some families use CBD to help their epileptic children who experience painful seizures. Some studies have shown that CBD treatments can reduce or even stop seizures, although more scientific research is needed to determine its effectiveness.

Elizabeth Aquino is the mother of Sophie, who experiences seizures. Aquino testifies to the power of CBD oil in her family’s life:

“Within one week of giving Sophie her first dose of CBD oil, she had the first seizure-free day of her life. By the end of the month, she had periods of up to two weeks without seizures. Over the next three years, I was able to eliminate one of the two antiepileptic drugs she’d been taking for over seven years.”

Elizabeth Aquino

New York University researchers put together this video about the many benefits of CBD for epileptic children.

Taking CBD is not about getting high!  

CBD for Insomnia

CBD is also used as a sleep aid. It works by decreasing cortisol, and it may affect dopamine levels in the brain to facilitate rest and relaxation. Studies are still being done to understand how CBD affects sleep patterns, but many people with insomnia have found relief using CBD treatments.

CBD for Pain Relief

Chronic pain is another reason that many people use CBD. It can help reduce the chronic pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and cancer. For people recovering from injuries, CBD can be a great tool to assist in temporary pain relief.

University of Michigan researchers put together this presentation about all the pain relief benefits of all cannabinoids for pain relief—including those with THC.

However, the researchers placed great hope in CBD:

“We’ve known about this compound as long as we’ve known about THC, but there’s so much more excitement about it at this point because it is non-intoxicating. It seems to protect against some of the psychoactive effects of THC.”

University of Michigan researchers

New health benefits from taking CBD are being discovered nearly every day. It’s looking more and more like the best new miracles for healing are to be found in the earth beneath our feet and in nature all around us.

A number of writers have done CBD experiments for different outlets, reporting on their successes and failures using it as an alternative treatment. Hilary Morse, writing for Shape, shared the following from her experience:

“At about the seven- to 10-day mark, I realized that it was helping. It wasn’t a huge aha moment, because I was used to prescription drugs that hit me instantly with a really harsh effect. This was more subtle: I realized that I felt much calmer, relaxed, and just ~good~ all-around.”

Hilary Morse

As when trying out any new remedy, you should speak with your doctor before adding or substituting CBD in any of your medical care routines.

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