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Understanding of how psychedelic drugs may be used to treat mental illness is arguably higher than ever in popular consciousness.

After a string of advances, the business community has taken notice of this resurgence in research, and are preparing to make major investments in a potentially large sector within health care.

“Tim Ferriss has become a sort of pied piper in the movement to advance psychedelics as a potential elixir for a murderers’ row of psychiatric afflictions, including OCD and PTSD, opioid addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, cluster headaches, and suicidal ideation.” 

Noting that many of the treatments currently employed to treat mental health problems have setbacks and side effects that are undesirable, innovators are seeking new solutions using ingredients as old as the natural world itself. Who would have thought that psychedelic drugs could be used to help people and become something that you can get at a pharmacy?


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