Best Way To Grow Cannabis At Home . How to Grow Cannabis at Home

With the explosion of legal cannabis across the country, many people are choosing to grow their own plants. After all, why pay someone a premium when you can grow exactly the kind of plant you want yourself? Read on to learn the best way to grow cannabis at home.

The problem is that, by nature, cannabis is a temperamental plant that can require a lot more maintenance and technical know-how than your standard perennial. Factors like light, heat, temperature, moisture, and others can all play a major factor in the end result. And the mishandling of any one factor could potentially result in a botched or poor-quality plant. 

This simple video lays out the key things aspiring growers need to consider before starting. 

To help make sure that your first grow is a success, below are tips on how to grow cannabis successfully in the comfort of your own home.

Making your cannabis batch a success

Start by choosing how you want to grow your plants: soil or soilless. Growing your plants in potting soil will give you more room for error, which makes it ideal for first-time growers. 

This handy video shows the time-lapse differences between soil grows and soil-less grows.

Basically, you need to choose the correct soil for your strain and create an optimal growing space, which can really be any space with enough room for your plants, grow lights, exhaust fans, and filtered air inlets. 

Then you’re going to want to keep your growing room in the range of 70-85°F with your grow lights on and between 58-70°F with your grow lights off, ideally with automation.

With the explosion of legal cannabis across the country…why pay someone a premium when you can grow the kind of plant you want yourself?

With all of the proper measures in place, you’re then going to want to make sure your plants receive necessary nutrients, which include Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, and just enough water to not oversaturate the plant. 

We’ve collected three different videos, depending on what kind of 

Beginner’s Grow

23 million viewers have turned to the YouTube channel Seed to Stoned for growing advice. This particular video is packed full of all the equipment and supplies needed to grow cannabis at home. While it’s called a “Beginner’s Guide,” it does require lots of material.

Indoor Grow

The Grow Sisters have been teaching people how to grow and respect cannabis for many years. When California passed a law allowing people to grow up to six plants at home, they made a video showing you exactly how to do it–indoors!

Balcony Grow 

If you don’t have the time or resources to try the Beginner’s Guide video, try this simpler Balcony Grow method. This YouTuber simply grew his plant in front of a window and outside on his balcony. This video takes us through the first few weeks of the plant’s life cycle.

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