Autoflower marijuana seeds have spiked in popularity in recent years, especially in regions where cannabis has been legalized. But why autoflower seeds over regular cannabis seeds?

Autoflowering marijuana has its own built-in flowering timer, meaning that the flowering state will occur at a predetermined time. The reason for this is because they are grown to only begin flowering after a certain amount of time, rather than relying on a natural light schedule.

For a beginner cannabis grower, autoflower seeds offer a simpler alternative to manually controlling a light schedule for your cannabis crop or waiting for the natural seasons to change. Regardless of what you do, they will flower at the pre-set time.

What are autoflower seeds? 

Autoflower seeds are the product of cross-populating the cannabis Ruderalis plant with a regular or feminized cannabis strain, which has developed the natural ability to autoflower after years of learning to survive in colder climates.

Why use them?

Autoflower seeds mature far faster than regular seeds and require far less work and attention. This makes them ideal for the first time grower who may make mistakes, or cannot provide the plant with a lot of time or resources. This option is also great for long time growers who are hoping to harvest!

Key Benefits 

  • Plants do not have to adhere to a manual light cycle
  • If growing outdoors, plants don’t have to rely on natural light changes
  • Without strict requirements, autoflowering marijuana is ideal for new growers
  • The time between germination and harvest is significantly reduced
  • The harvest product is often smaller and more compact than regular cannabis plants, which makes them ideal for smaller growing spaces
  • Autoflowering seeds protect themselves against cold weather conditions

If you’ve decided and want to go ahead with buying your own autoflower seeds, all you have to do is choose a reliable retailer. All autoflower strains are a bit different and are priced accordingly, so consider your purchase carefully to invest in the best product. Check out different strains here!

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