For some, food is just a part of their everyday survival needs, and the act of cooking is a chore that’s mandatory to them. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Cooking can offer you therapeutic release with the structured measuring of the ingredients and the directions that must be executed perfectly for the dish to be edible and enjoyable. It allows you some control amidst the craziness of life. 

Food is also a great channel for showing your love to those you’re feeding. It’s a demonstration of care and commitment. So try these recipes that will bring you joy when making them and joy to those tasting them. 

Julia Child’s Ratatouille

Learn from the woman who truly showed the world that cooking is the chance to savor the moment, let loose and express yourself. Julia Child left this perfectly crafted Ratatouille dish, a part of her legacy for others to enjoy the joy of cooking as she did. 

Marinated Beef Fajitas 

There’s nothing like a fiesta for raising spirits and having fun with family and friends! The sizzling sounds will fill the home. After customizing their own dishes with lush colors and flavors, everyone will be looking forward to the next fajita night.

Roasted Squash with Goat Cheese and Poached Cranberries

A great new staple for holiday meals, this offers some comfort to the soul with a mix of savory and sweet flavors. Combining these unconventional ingredients will be exciting for you and your sous chef. You can watch curiously as they unite to make a unique delectable dish.

The act of cooking is also an opportunity to make memories with family and friends. Some of the best times in a person’s life are in the kitchen. Enjoy cooking for loved ones, or have fun making these meals together.  

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